Why does jetbrains create 2 unwanted IML files?



These two unwanted .iml files ruined the project settings and now I cant run the project.


Normally this project should only generate one .iml files.


How is this possible? I've tried uninstalling jetbrains multiple times (just in case it's my settings), but the two iml files still come back


Can you show how modules are configured (Project Settings | Modules)? 

Maybe it is needed to remove "payment-ui (2)" module? AFAIS, "resources", "scala" and "webapp" folders should not be separated into a different module.  


Hi there, I've found the solution, turns out it was because I have backup pom which detected as a valid pom. Detail in this SO post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63136054/intellij-idea-created-extra-iml-files-when-its-not-supposed-to/63146374#63146374


I'm wondering though why is it detected as 2 projects on my IDE while on my colleague IDE it works fine (the backup pom is not detected)?



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