Typescript inspections stops working after attaching another project

Hello, so today I updated my webstorm to 2020.2 and I have 2 projects attached; 1 NuxtJS project (TS support), 2. NodeJs project (written in TS).

So I have my 2 projects attached this is what I see in the Node server project;

I've looked into my inspect settings, deleted my cache, rebuild my .idea folder, deleted everything out of the project manager.
Nothing worked besides not attaching my those 2 projects;

I don't know if this is a bug or just me doing something wrong? The way I attach my projects is; I open my NuxtJS project I then open my NodeJS project and then click attach..

If anyone can help me with this or confirming this is a bug I would appreciate that! Thanks!

~ Nick

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Found out I was able to downgrade to 2020.1 just with 1 click, and on that version it works perfectly. Will create a bug report.


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