Plugin failing Compatibility Verification for no apparent reason?




So yesterday I was trying to upload an update for a plugin I made a while ago to make sure it was compatible with the latest version 2020.2. However, while I was trying to verify that it was in fact compatible,I received a message that it could not find a class called LafManager a few others that extended to that:

After a while, I gave up on my search on what the problem could be and left it as is overnight and I wake up to see that it has finally passed the verification for this new version, however, it seems its no longer compatible with another passed version it used to be compatible with:


One thing to add, is that I enabled verification of my plugin on every push using and even though I'm not covering that specific version, I am verifying even older versions and they all seem to be compatible. So I find it odd that one random version is giving me these problems.

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I ran into this problem last night, but much worse, with 283 "Failed to read class" errors reported. I started this thread about it:

The problem has apparently been fixed. It works fine for me now, and my plugin has now passed all tests.

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Turns out it was fixed on my side as well. I think they probably had some temporary issues.


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