Autocomplete is giving bad suggestions and filling in suggestions that I don't want


Around the November/December of last year a coworker and I noticed that the PyCharm autocomplete was giving us bad suggestions and then autocompleting with those suggestions.


Here's a gif of it in action:

I add the parentheses and then press "return" to go to a new line. Obviously not necessary in the example, but we often have many parameters we need to pass to a function/method and we put each one on its own line. The first problem is that I don't want to have anything filled in here. Second is that the auto-fill option is wrong. `property` is not ever going to be the correct choice. And sometimes it's `lambda` or 'async` that gets selected.

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Do you use any 3rd party plugins?

I can't reproduce it in my environment and it doesn't look like a standard behavior.

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OK, so this is embarrassing. That's probably the first thing I should have checked, but I thought I'd uninstalled this. I have Kite installed and it appears after uninstalling that the issue is resolved. My coworker is out today, but I believe he probably has it installed, too. Thanks :)


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