Find in Path results sometimes only shows inner HTML text instead of full code line for each file result

On a previous search, this would show the full HTML code line (an anchor tag in this case); this time, it only shows the inner HTML:

I'm not seeing any reason why it suddenly will only show the inner HTML text of the anchor tag when before it showed the whole code line including the anchor tag and the inner HTML.

A partial example of the code line that showed in the result for one of the files previously:

ache.php">Flush Memcache airline_setup</a>';
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I noticed if I remove my little debug text in the inner HTML ('airline_setup' in my partial example), the search result will again show the full HTML code line with the anchor tag... I don't understand this at all.

(I apologize for this archaic code, I didn't write it, I'm just trying to work with it)

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Would it be possible to share this file, so I could check how does the search look like on my installation?


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