Missing Keymap: Cannot find keymap "Default copy"



Since last month, every time I launch PHPStorm I get a balloon message with Missing Keymap: Cannot find keymap "Default copy"


I tried downloading a Keymap plugin, I tried playing with settings, I just can't get rid of this without getting rid of all balloon messages.


What should I do?

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Looks like, you have "Default Copy" keymap selected as active in "config/options/keymap.xml" whereas no "Default Copy.xml" file really exists in "config/keymaps" directory. Please try the following workaround: navigate to "Keymap" settings, choose any other keymap (let's say Eclipse), press OK, then open Keymap settings again and select the one you have had before back (f.e. Windows of you have Windows machine).

Does it work fine?

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It worked! thank you!

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Fantastic, thank you for the confirmation. Have a nice weekend!


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