PHPStorm more buggy this year because JetBrains wants to push people to WebStorm?!

Sorry for the long post: Enjoy or skip, just at least don't reply without reading it all.

I mentioned to a coworker that it seems PHPStorm has become more buggy since January with all of the updates, and he said "Yah, it's because JetBrains wants to push people to WebStorm"...

I'm not sure whether to facepalm or consider this as realistic...

Is it even realistic that JetBrains or its developers would either be intentionally introducing bugs to PHPStorm, or being negligent to it, to try to subversively push PHP coders to WebStorm?

I'm not sure I understand this thinking, or how it would even make financial sense based on the level of sophistication required to subtly do this in their editor...

I thought WebStorm and PHPStorm were based on the same engine, and used the same language plugins (or whatever they're called)... and the bugs I've been noticing don't seem particular to PHP but to just editor weirdness that didn't used to be there (don't get me into the weird clicking/highlighting context issues that have cropped up, one of which requires restarting the editor).

I honestly think the JetBrains team has not been as smart/patient/vigilant as they used to be, which may just be a management/executive/shareholder issue >:-(, and those attributes are what made their products better than Eclipse, NetBeans, VS Code, you name it... if they've been overworked or not as diligent with making things work well for their users, then it obviously will let bugs slip through, and my feeling is that they haven't been as thorough or organized with their updates this year, and have lost some premium-ness to their products.

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Thanks for the feedback. Really.

While basically I could not say anything about an overall product development policy from my position, I would rather focus on technical issues.

Is there any specific issue or a bug report that you may share and that you find the most annoying? 


As for the WebStorm/PhpStorm difference, there is not so much of it really. Both products are actually built on the same platform engine and share the same code base (and, of course, bugs too).

On a side note, I see a flaw in a theory about the JetBrains malicious plan to push people to WebStorm from PhpStorm. Why should a company push potential customers away from a more expensive product? 


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