Call stack entries disabled

I can't work out why the call stack is disabled for some procedures and I can't seem to step thru the code but it is running. It is a Rest api  PUT request, I don't know if that has anything to do with it.



Is there any reason why the call stack would be disabled in the normal course of events?


Hi there,

Just a thought: maybe that file is not accessible/available or not treated as PHP by IDE (e.g. excluded or whatnot)? How does the file look in IDE (screenshot of the whole IDE window with that file opened to see file content colors and icon used etc)

No better ideas from me right now (nothing better comes into my mind .. except maybe a bug).


I'll see if I can see anything related to that.


Actually, I have tried to check the frame stack with the excluded file (and the file out-of-project) and it is not greyed out for me (just a yellowish background), so it must be something else. There is a good idea in a comment above to try opening this file right from the frame stack, is it even clickable? Is there anything specific about "CustomerGroupForSpecialPriceInterface.php", it is the only one affected? 


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