Click and Drag spawning multiple cursors

When I click and drag on the IDE over multiple lines, I am getting one cursor created on each line. In addition, it seems as if I am able to click anywhere on the document, and the cursor is placed at that location, not the end of the line

I have included two images below. The first occurs when I click and drag from one line to another, showing the multiple cursors.

The second occurs when I click any where on a line, the cursor is placed where I clicked, not at the end of the last word (in this case, it should have been placed at the very beginning of the line)


Hi, could you please disable any downloaded plugins you may have, and try **File | Mange IDE Settings | Restore Default Settings** (your current settigns will be backed up, so you can revert to them later)

If the issue is still reproduced afterwards, could you please provide your Logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data** ?

You can upload files to and provide the upload id here.


I accidentally turned this on and had no idea how to disable it!  Turns out you can use SHIFT+ALT+INSERT to turn this off.


Alexander Barker's answer above only works if you use the IntelliJ keymap in settings:

I was using the VSCode KeyMap and found that it didn't work. So if you are like me, you can just temporarily change it to IntelliJ keymap, press SHIFT+ALT+INSERT and switch back to your previous keymap settings.


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