Deployment Setup from Different Machines

I have two pycharm installed in two machines, one on my laptop A and one on my ubuntu desktop B. Both of them have configured to have remote interpreter to a computing server C, as well as a deployment setup for synchronization.

The problem is, whenever after I use one of them for deployment, the configuration in another computer will disappear. Specifically, the deployment path and the excluded paths turns empty, so I will have to re-setup again. 

I have setup two different remote interpreters from A & B to C.


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This is strange, I don't see how configuration on one computer can affect the deployment paths of the other computer.

Is the project on both of those computers stored locally, and not shared over the network drive? The deployment configuration is stored in <project_root>/.idea/deployment.xml file, so if you have two local copies of the project on each device, I'm not sure what is happening here.


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