No type Completion on missing TS props in Tests

Trying to figure out why I don't get the option to implement missing members when I create instances of certain TS types from my tests.
I'm using mocha.

My tests end with .tsx;

My tsconfig.json for my test folder:

"extends": "../../tsconfig.json",
"compilerOptions": {
"noEmit": true,
"module": "commonjs",
"target": "es2020",
"types": ["node","mocha", "chai", "react"],
"lib": ["es6"],
"compileOnSave": false,
"jsx": "react",
"sourceMap": false,
"skipLibCheck": true,
"esModuleInterop": true
"include": ["./**/*spec.tsx"],
"exclude": ["node_modules","./build"]

Shows I'm missing some more properties:

But option + enter from my tests gives me no option like I normally see in production code to add the missing members:

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There is no such feature unfortunately, please vote for to be notified on any progress with it.

For now, I can only suggest using code completion (Ctrl+Space) to add missing properties:


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