Broken auto generated code formatting - due to file and code templates I think

Hi there,


I deleted the contents of both code templates "PHP Field Doc Comment" and "PHP Property Doc Comment" for test purposes. My plan was to move the doc comment added to properties into one line originally.

Now the code formatting of auto generated code is broken. Please see the picture attached where I hit initialize properties on the Mailer Class.


Two questions:

First, how could I revert all changes to the tmplates such that the formatting works again?

Second, why is this happening as soon as I edit the "PHP Property Doc Comment" code template?


Thanks for your help :)


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Hi there,

>First, how could I revert all changes to the tmplates

There is a "Reset to Default" button just for that. Select a template and use it. Default templates will be shown in back color, modified will be in blue (using standard light theme; I'm on Windows)


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