Using yarn when editing React Native Bundler

I have created an expo react-native project from command window and then opened the app in WebStorm.

The problem I am facing is that when I try to Edit the ReactNative Bundler in Edit Configuration dialog, it doesn't allow me to use yarn ( only react native start and npm is allowed) ; my app uses yarn and not npm, so the way I start the app from command window is by running the following command: yarn start.  You can see this scenario in following screenshot:

I am using yarn since its much faster than npm in my expereince.

QUESTION: How can I specify "yarn start" for ReactNative Bundler as I would like to debug my app using WebStorm?


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Choose npm script:

and make sure that yarn is configured as a package manager for your project in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM:


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Yes, that worked since it started the necessary expo script when I selected Run menu option from main menu at top.

However, I am now having another issue when running the app in WebStorm. For this, I have created another post titled "Expo React-Native fails to run from WebStorm".


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