Multiple sql resolution scopes within one file


I have a python project with, lets say, only one python source file.  My script (project) is to copy data from a source to a dest database.

I have 2 datasources setup in the ide, one for the source and the other for the dest (in this case, source is sqlserver, dest is snowflake)

I know I can set a project default datasouce. And I can set a datasource per file. But in my case, I have 1 file and code that looks like this

sql_src = "select firstname, lastname, address from mysrc"
sql_dest = "select fullname from mydest"
movedata(sql_src, sql_dest)

So I need to the IDE to resolve the first string against the src datasource and the 2nd against the dest datasource

In the olden days (when I used Eclipse), I seem to recall some way to add code comments as directives to the IDE to do things.  Using that, it might have been like


#--IDE-DIRECTIVE--: setdatasource(mysource) 
sql_src = "select firstname, lastname, address from mysrc"


Is there way to set the resolution scope per line/block in a file





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It's not possible at the moment, feature request is welcome:


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