How to revert this warning window when trying to rerun debug by pressing "^D"


Hi, recently I started to use phpstorm in my dev on mac.

when I rerun debug by pressing "^D" when there is a debug in process, a window like this appears:(pic is from user but the dialog is similar) 

Asking me "Stop and rerun" or "Cancel", as well as a check box for "Do not show this dialog in the future"

I checked that box and hit "Stop and rerun", and since then this dialog disappears, never shows up again when I rerun a debug process.

My question is, what should I do to let this dialog shows up again?

Is there any config like "confirm when exit" in the preferences? (which I did not find one)

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi! Open the project's .idea/workspace.xml file and find the following parameter:

<property name="restartRequiresConfirmation" value="false" />

Set the value to true to restore the previous behavior.


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