Is it possible to see a foreign key value on the fly without going to another table?


In some other database management systems there is a possibility to see a foreign key value on the fly.

Here is the example from DBeaver:


I press the number 2 and I immediately can see that 2 means "Harry Chapin".

Is there such functionality in DataGrip?

Yuriy Vinogradov

Sure, press CTRL+Q (quick doc action) on a cell and you'll see related value.


on mac:
CMD + (down button)

or press right click on this foreign key, than "GO TO" >> "REFERENCED ROWS"


Quick doc is very far from the the request feature. Although it allow for some simple case to see fk values, it doesn't allow a “quick on the fly” view of them. In the dbeaver example given above, you could navigate from row to row with the keyboard arrow and automatically see all the fk rows, you can event further sort or even edit them on that side pane which allow very quick search or edit when the scope of a modification isn't worth creating a specific sql select/update. It also limit to only one foreign table compare to quick doc where we need to scroll down each time to find the desired table data.

So in the end, what take 2 minutes in dbeaver, take 10-15 in datagrip and create so much back and forth that there is more chance to do mistake or to not be able to understand the data correctly as or brain isn't focused on analyzing the data we want, but getting untangle in the ide stepS to see that data.




Seems we have similar request on YouTrack:

Please vote for it, add comments or report new one if needed.


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