Is there a way to quickly toggle "Drop into debugger on failed tests"?


I like this new feature of PyCharm 2020.2. But I'd like to have an easy way (button, shortcut) to enable-disable it.

I'm wrapping up big refactoring for one of the projects and a lot of tests are failing. My approach to this is to set breakpoints in single test and fix them one by one, but for me it's easier to run the whole module than create run configuration for each single test. This is why I'd like to have ability to quickly toggle this feature instead of going to settings window every time.

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There is no shortcut for that at the moment.

Feel free to submit a feature request about it to our issue tracker using the link

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Thanks Sergey.

I've created feature request, here is the link for those who may want to follow, vote it up:


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