javascript undefined global: inspection versus eslint - how to quiet?

I have a global variable injected from my webpack, and wanted to quiet warnings about it.

First step after searching a bit was to add it to the eslintrc globals section.

I still got a warning from Webstorm inspection.

I think Webstorm is finding the eslintrc.js file ok - when it runs eslint it reflects most updates to that config file.

But perhaps not this setting in particular.  After searching a bit more I found some posts to add the global comment.

Now with both the global comment and the eslintrc global setting, I get 2 warnings!  😅

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I renamed the eslint config file to `.eslintrc.js` and then "Invalidate Caches / Restart", looks like that didn't clear it up

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Unresolved variable warning comes from IDE own inspections, not from ESLint. To quiet it, you have to suppress the inspection with a comment

// noinspection JSUnresolvedVariable



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