How to hide ".js" extension on import popup options


In a node.js project, 

When I try to import a module from a file in my project, 

the auto complete popup options shows the file with ".js" extension (there is no option without it).

I also verified if "Use file extension in module name" is disabled in Settings | Editor | Code Style | JavaScript  and that checkbox is indeed disabled.

I'm using WebStorm 2020.


Is there a way to add an option to import the file without its ".js" extension?



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it's not added by default, unless Use file extension in module name is enabled.

Could you record a screencast that shows up the issue?

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Elena Pogorelova

Yes, I couldn't attach a video clip here (used an hosting website)


Here is a screenshot as well

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The page can't be loaded unfortunately...

For me, the file is shown with extension in completion, but completed without it

Could you share your idea.log (Help > Show Log in ...) and your settings (File > Manage IDE Settings > Export settings...)?

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weird indeed... Even with your settings, the problem is not repeatable for me, and I can't see anything suspicious in your log.

Can you reproduce the issue in a new project?

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I think that I figured it out now,

There are 2 options of the file that I want to import (schema.js),

I should select the option with the "js" icon as shown in the screenshot below if I want it to be without the ".js" extension.

The other option (without the icon) will import it with the ".js" extension.

Thanks Elena Pogorelova


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