php object operator inside html tag

I can't be the only one who runs into an issue, where I'm trying to echo out some php inside some html - eg a new html attribute, and I reach the end of the html tag, it won't let me put type the php object operator ( -> ) because my cursor is already at the html tag's closing bracket ( > )


It's not too difficult to fix of course, I can press arrow-key right, write out the rest of my php, then re-close the html tag, it just really interrupts my flow.

Does anyone know if there's an option I can change to avoid this?


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Unfortunately, this feature is not configurable.
Implementing this would have helped in your situation, so please vote for the issue.

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Hi there,

Have you considered using some Live Template that will insert full correct PHP block at once. E.g.


after live template expansion:

<div<?= [CARET] ?>></div>

Since the PHP block is properly closed, you can then write any PHP code there.

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That's a good shout Andriy, thanks. I have done that. And voted for the autocomplete idea!


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