Plugin for Java/Kotlin - enabling class/method reference recognition inside string values of specific annotations


I'm writing a plugin for a test framework that produces html documentation and allows links between test classes.

Links are defined in a similar fashion to Javadoc @link entries but are always inside a specific annotation. For example:

@Note("Describing the test here.  Similar to {@link some.package.SomeClass#someMethod} and some other text")

I want to enable code completion and refactoring support in the plugin for the text within these annotations.

IntelliJ already does this for javadocs but I can't figure out where this happens (looking at the community edition).

Can anyone give me a few pointers on where I should be looking?



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Please follow our IntelliJ Platform SDK DevGuide:

Code Completion

- Tutorial - Completion Contributor

- Rename Refactoring



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