Create new react-native project using expo-cli in WebStorm

Is it possible to use expo-cli for creating a react-native project in latest WebStorm? (i.e. something like this at command prompt > expo init myFirstRNApp) 

I read an older post post at but it doesn't talk of using expo-cli for creating a new project.


do you miss expo-cli support? No, it's not there, please feel free to file a request for it to youtrack,
You can run expo init in terminal and then open the created project in WebStorm via File | Open. See


Yes, it would be nice to have expo cli available out-of-the-box from WebStorm.  Then, it would be a seamless developer experience and also it'll enhance WebStorm for the developer by making developer more productive. Development IDE has one major goal - make the developer more productive so that repetitive tasks like creating a project, finding an object's members, compilation etc. are offloaded to the IDE and the developer can then focus on other things of importance.

But for now, I'll create an expo project from command window and then open the project folder in WebStorm.


I also think adding support in File | New would be a great feature.


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