Webstorm Typescript Compile Errors Auto-Update

There is a "Recompile on changes" setting for the TS Service. But I expected it to auto-update the "Complie errors" tab in my TypeScript Service Window, which it does not, right?.

Right now I have to click "Compile all" to see the current errors all the time, which is cumbersome. Is there a better solution?

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Compiler errors are auto-updated regardless of the Recompile on changes value: once you change the code, the errors are shown in the TypeScript tool window. But note that the list contains only the errors from the file in the active editor tab by default; to show the errors across the entire project, press the Show project errors toggle button  on the toolbar

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OMG how embarrassing: The "Errors" tab was a hidden tab in my config, so I was using "Compile Errors" all the time (which you have to recompile every time).

This is so much better. Thank you!


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