PyCharm, docker and nonstandard package instalation


If you can help me with this ...

I am using PyCharm with python in docker. But PyCharm doesn't recognize packages installed in docker which are in non-standard location. The one in standard locations it recognizes just fine.

For example here, you can see how it does recognize webapp2, but not google:

I did manage to force it to recognize google package from python console because I added env var:

Because of the added env var it can import google package from the console:

But still, it doesn't recognize it in the editor. How can this be fixed? Is there a workaround?

I did try "Invalidate cache/restart"

I also tried to add non-standard location where google-cloud-sdk is installed - but "+" (add) button doesn't work for docker (it works for local dev env), when I click on it - nothing happens:

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The Google App Engine is not supported in a Docker container, please vote for this feature request in order to increase its priority. 


In addition, there is an existing bug that does not allow adding interpreter path  when Docker is used, please see 


Apologies for the inconvenience. 



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