How to control one plugin not show on different IDE Plugin Marketplace?


I'm a plugin developer, and I have an question about Jetbrains Plugin Repository.

I notice Laravel plugin ( show that it compatibles with IDEA Ultimate and Phpstorm.

Why PyCharm or WebStorm can not search it on itself's Marketplace?

Is there any setting control when  public a plugin to Jetbrains Plugin Repository? Or some settings on plugin.xml?


And I will upload my plugin to Jetbrains Plugin Repository. What I want is only IDEA User can search and install it. How could I do ?


Looking forward to your reply, Thanks.

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But when I use custom Plugin Repository, and set my plugin only depends ''.

When I set custom plugin repository address to PhpStorm, I can see my plugin name show in PhpStorm Plugin Marketplace :(

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Do you specify 'depends' in your custom updatePlugins.xml? Smth like `<plugin id="" > <depends>...</depends> </plugin>`?

Note that it might not work with 'simple' format of this file:

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I used like  this



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IDE shows everything that is present in custom repository. When you upload plugin to compatibility check would be performed on server side and if your plugin has `<depends></depends>` then it would be available only in IDEA and Android Studio.


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