MSSQL: datetimeoffset column values should show timezone if value is in UTC (+00:00)


The timezone information should always appear even if it is UTC; this also helps to identify the data type of the column. Currently, if a value of type datetimeoffset has an offset of +00:00 (UTC), this information is not shown in the table:

This also becomes a problem because if data is exported in text format (e.g. CSV) the timezone information is omitted if it's +00:00, and any import to another datetimeoffset column using these files will fail with the following message:

conversion failed: "2019-10-08 10:35:27.2379930" to datetimeoffset

I'm running Datagrip 2020.2.2 and this issue happens with both latest drivers of MSSQL Server and Azure SQL Database.

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Jon Franco,

Thank you for feedback. Follow an issue to track progress.



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