Can't uninstall WebStorm 2018.3.5 after upgrade to WebStorm 2020.2.1


I used to have the version 2018.3.5 and upgraded it to 2020.2.1.

I then wanted to uninstall it to install the real last release 2020.2.1 (to have the proper folder :)) but then the uninstaller says : Uninstall hasn't detected folder of Webstorm installation, blabla.

I then decided to install the real 2020.2.1. This works well but I still can't uninstall the previous one.

Any idea ?


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Known issue, please follow for updates. See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


For now, I can only suggest deleting the installation folder manually

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Thanks for sharing the link. With its help, it worked !


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