Can't run Makefile Clion 2020.2.1 Windows 10


HI) Please, help! I can't run Makefile:

What should I do?


Please close the project (File | Close Project), delete all the cmake-build-*** folders, the .idea folder and the CMakeLists.txt file, and open your Makefile project -



I see that you have both CMakeLists.txt and Makefile in the project. On what build system is the project based originally? How did you open the project in CLion?


Yes, I have both CMake and Makefile, and they both work (Makefile works in terminal). In the school we usually use Makefile, but I love CLion - so I had to do both things. Now I want to learn to do project without CMake. My project was built by CMake. Should I delete all cmake-files and try to reopen project?


I have exactly the same problem. But on attempt to build I'm getting following error:
"'uname' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file."


Hi f1am3d!

  1. Is it a Makefile project? 
  2. Where do you get the error? Please share a screenshot of the error with us.
  3. Please share a screenshot of a run/debug configuration you're building (Run | Edit Configurations).

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