Possible to also specify custom select when using the table view?


I'm talking about this here

It's possible to provide where conditions.

Often I wish I could also have the same here for SELECT without having to do to console. Use-cases are:

  • limit the columns shown
  • use json operators to extract data within

Is this possible currently?

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Markus Fischer,
You can filter data. If you put condition in <Filter Criteria> it will appear in WHERE clause. Is that what you need?

Read feature description https://www.jetbrains.com/datagrip/features/data_editor.html

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No, it's not about filtering. I know I can use WHERE conditions here, that's what the field is for 😅

But I wish I could use that view too to provide custom SELECTed columns or expression, _without_ having to go to console and write a full query.





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