Run/Debug Configurations freezes RubyMine with blank page




I recently updated Rubymine from 2019.2 to 2020.2. 

After the update, any time I try and open Run/Debug Configurations, I get a frozen empty window and my whole ide freezes. Force kill RubyMine is the only way I can get out.

I've tried a couple things without much luck(I downgraded to 2020.1.4, but saw the same issue, I wiped out my .idea project and tried a fresh start, and I've tried disabling a few of my plugins.)

Any ideas on what else I could try? I'm gonna try disabling all plugins entirely, and also wiping out .idea project to see if that works.


Okay... disabling literally every plugin seems to have fixed things. I guess I'll try turning them back on to see what the culprit is.

So weird. I re-enabled the plugins slowly, and everything continued working even when I re-enabled all of them. 



thank you for sharing your solution. In case the issue comes back, please let us know.


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