Pytest tutorial Step 4: Cannot run all tests. "No tests were found"

I saw this post: and the others that show up now that I am writing. I am following the tutorial at When I try to run all tests:

1. It says 'Test: test', not  'pytest in tests'

2. It says 'no tests were found'

3. It created and destroyed a test database. Because it is a Django project? There's no db required for these tests.

4. The tests had run individually as shown in the tutorial video.

5. PyCharm 2020.2 on Ubuntu 18.04

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I notice now that both individual tests do say 'pytest in tests' and both still run independently as expected. They also fire right away (although it seems a lot faster than the 3 seconds the auto test is set for). But the run all tests thing is unchanged from my original post. Don't see an edit / update button here...

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Yes, Django tests behave differently than pytest/unittest.

It does create and destroy the database, unless you override that explicitly:

If something is not working as you expect, feel free to provide code sample and describe the issue in detail.

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The way you said 'Django tests behave differently..' made me wonder if that also meant they are incompatible with pytest, so I did a quick Google search and found a plug-in called 'Django-Pytest'.

1. Is Django-Pytest required to make Pytest work with Django, or is it just a helper?

2. Does it work in PyCharm? Note: I did a search for 'pycharm' on their site and got no hits.

3. Are there special rules, configurations, whatever for using Django-Pytest in Pycharm?

4. I found this: and went to change my settings for a Django project, but as soon as I did, I got a yellow triangle with a black ! in the middle, and the words "cant fnd {0} for {1}". I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, and Googling it was useless. 

I have nevertheless continued to try to use this, and have even more problems:

5. Not found

    (no name '/home/Projects/lifeandtimes/chronicle/tests/' in any of [<Module>])

    Note I ran this test by clicking the green triangle right next to test_freqdist() in!!!


    Process finished with exit code 4

    Assertion failed


6. Syntax error

    E File "/home/malikarumi/Projects/lifeandtimes/chronicle/tests/", line 8
    E assert for k, v in tag_stats:
    E ^
    E SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    How can it detect a syntax error in a function it can't find?!


7. Unresolved reference

I have 6 unresolved references in this test file, all of them to variables used in the source code function being tested. After reading some posts from other users, I decided to just run it and see what happens. So I did, and NONE of these 'unresolved references' came up in the test failure report.


8. The test folder and the source have been added as content roots and source folders.


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Do you mean this by any chance ?

No, PyCharm don't have a specific support for them, but they should work if you run them as regular pytest configurations.


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