Database console query view as separate window closes when switching branches


I often like to open a database console (the query view) and detach it to a separate window. In previous versions of PyCharm, when I would switch branches this window would stay open, although the contents might have changed based on the branch. However, in my current version of PyCharm (2020.2 on Linue) when I switch branches the window automatically closes and I have to reopen the console view in the main editor window and detach it manually again. This is a bit of a pain when I have to switch branches frequently (and have more than one console open).

I'm not exactly sure in what version this change occurred. I believe it was prior to 2020.2, but I'm not sure of the last version that it worked the way I expected.

Is this an expected change and/or is there some way to get the old behavior back.

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