Handling Large Numbers of Databases

I recently started using DataGrip after reading some favorable reviews on Reddit, and in general, I am happy with my switch. As a long time user of SSMS, however, there is one issue that is plaguing me and I am wondering if there is a best practice to fix it.

In my office, I have 7 SQL instances and 1 Azure instance. Across all of these instances, I have a total of 92 databases. In SSMS, I added each of these instances to the Registered Servers and upon logging in I would just send all of them to the Object Explorer. Then over the course of my day, any time I need to run a query against any database, I have easy access to it by selecting it and hitting New Query and I am instantly able to start working.

I have tried to do something similar in DataGrip by adding a Microsoft SQL Data Source and under Schemas selecting All Databases, however, this is resulting in large amounts of time spent indexing, Overall, while that is annoying and uses a ton of RAM (that I don't have, working on getting that into the budget), my big issue is that when I need to look at the list of tables on a database to find the one I am looking for, or when I am hoping to use autocomplete, it never seems to have indexed the database I am working on.

Overall, I am just wondering what the best practice is for working with so many databases and instances. Is there an easy way to keep them all in the Database list, but only index the one I care about at a time, and how long typically should that indexing take before I can begin to see tables and routines. Again, in SSMS, I can always see the tables and routines, it is only intellisense that flakes out on me constantly.


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