Unknown revision for gitlab dependency


Hi all,

I have a problem in GoLand (2020.1.3). I have a project that refers to another project in our Gitlab repo and GoLand doesn't seem to be able to resolve it - I get the following error: 

go: gitlab.company.network/xxx/yyy-core.git@v0.0.44: reading gitlab.company.network/xxx/yyy-core.git/go.mod at revision v0.0.44: unknown revision v0.0.44

If I build on the command line everything works, although in my git configuration I have a URL substitution as follows: "url.git@gitlab.company.network.insteadof=https://gitlab.company.network". I suspect this may be relevant to the problem. Is there some equivalent configuration I need to do in GoLand?

Thanks in advance :)

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Most often this error is due to the fact that the correct value of the variable GOPRIVATE is not set.

Please check the set variables, in particular GOPRIVATE. A better way to point the pattern to your organization on Gitlab, for example, gitlab.com/jetbrains/*. Do it from GoLand (File | Settings | Go | Go Modules | Environment).

Does it help?

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Thanks for the help. It turned out that my insteadOf line was slightly wrong - should have been:

"url.ssh://git@gitlab.company.network.insteadof=https://gitlab.company.network" (added ssh://)


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I have the same error, but after I set in ~/.gitconfig

[url "ssh://git@gitlab.company.com/"]
insteadof = https://gitlab.company.com/

And I added the env `GOPRIVATE=gitlab.company.com`, it works..


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