How to persist inspection options when working with custom options panel?



I am implementing a JavaScript inspection that would recognize some placeholder keywords in JS doc comments.

I have a pre-defined set of keywords but I also want to add an option to the inspection's Options panel, so that users can customize the keywords.

So far I have the following class (removed all non-UI related code):

public class MissingPropTypesDocCommentsInspection extends LocalInspectionTool {

private static final List<String> DEFAULT_KEYWORDS = List.of("asd", "asdasd", "todo", ".");

public OrderedSet<String> placeholderKeywords = new OrderedSet<>(DEFAULT_KEYWORDS);

public JComponent createOptionsPanel() {
PlaceholderKeywordsForm form = new PlaceholderKeywordsForm();
form.placeholderKeywordsField.setText(String.join(",", placeholderKeywords));
return form.panel;

* A form built with Swing UI Designer.
public static final class PlaceholderKeywordsForm {
private JTextField placeholderKeywordsField;
private JPanel panel;

So, I built a simple form with the UI Designer, with a label and a textfield in it, and this form is bound to the PlaceholderKeywordsForm class.

What I'm having trouble with finding out are

  • when the text in the textfield on my panel changes, how can that change be recognized as a modification by the IJ Settings form? At the moment, if I change anything in it, the Apply button stays inactive.
  • how can I persist the state of the fields in my inspection class (placeholderKeywords in this case), so that later when I open Settings, the saved values are loaded, not the default ones I set initially?

Of course with the built-in panel creation utility classes and methods there are no such problems, and I guess under the hood they somehow register the given fields for persistence. But how can this be achieved with such custom-built panels?


Thank you!

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Meanwhile I think I figured it out.

Although I tried adding a listener (ActionListener) to the JTextField object, it seems it wasn't the correct one.

The new setup is that I add a KeyListener like this (meanwhile I also changed the field type from OrderedSet to String):

form.placeholderKeywordsField.addKeyListener(new KeyListener() {
public void keyTyped(KeyEvent e) {

public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e) {

public void keyReleased(KeyEvent e) {
placeholderKeywords = form.placeholderKeywordsField.getText();
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You can use com.siyeh.ig.ui.ExternalizableStringSet to persist set of ordered Strings. Changed setting of inspection is detected via com.intellij.codeInspection.ex.ScopeToolState#areSettingsEqual

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Thank you Yann. That's awesome.


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