Find Action shortcut in doesn't work because of Razer synapse 3?


The keyboard shortcut for "Find Action" (Ctrl + Shift + A) doesn't work for me in IntelliJ. After some looking around, I found that it happens because of the program Synapse 3 from Razer. When I exit Synapse, the shortcut works again, but when I launch Synapse again, the shortcut no longer works.

I searched in Synapse, and I don't have any custom mapping for Ctrl + Shift + A there (not in any profile, and not in the global shortcuts), so I don't know how to solve this. I need Synapse installed to manage my keyboard and mouse, but I really want this shortcut to work. Does anyone who has synapse 3 installed know how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.



Please try to go into Synapse and remove the Alexa module. That module has a hotkey for ctrl + shift + a.


Thanks. Solved the problem.


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