Intellij 2020.02 does not compile tests on change


I recently moved from scala to java and I am having a very strange behavior with Intellij-maven-java. I have multi project setup with maven. I am trying to run a single test case using the run button next to function name. However, run does not trigger compile so it is very unproductive. I am also using maven surefire plugin if that helps in anyway.

Please let me know if I can provide you more information. (Assuming that this is actually a problem and not the default behavior.)

Best regards

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Do you see the Build step in the Before Launch section of the Test run/debug configuration?

A sample project to reproduce the issue would be appreciated, you can upload it here:

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Serge Baranov I found what causes the issue. For some reason, I did not have .iml file for the specif submodel (it was working before tho). I also saw in the logs that Intellij was having problems to read that .iml file. Quick google search suggested me to remove .idea/models.xml and idea managed to recover. It does build before tests now.

Sorry for the inconvenience! 


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