Wildcard/Patterns in Inspection Entry Points - but for Class Name

Is it possible to set an entry point using a wildcard or a pattern? I'm not talking about method names, I'm talking about classes.

For example, in Symfony one would have MyCoolCommand as a class which results in a cli command. 

But one will then also have AnotherCommand, and SomeNeWCommand.

All these "command" or "cli" classes ends on "Command" (and for more information all reside inside a folder called "Command" for that matter.

What I'm looking for is to state that when looking for Unused Declarations - every class ending with Command should be assumed to be an entry point and therefore not show as unused.

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Basically, "Class" field in code patterns for entry points should support wildcards and UI label states the same:

Out of curiosity, I have tried with a simple example and it is working fine so far. 

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That is perfect, thank you Vasiliy Yur, appreciate the nudge in the right direction there :)


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