Problems with remote ssh interpreter

I try to set up a remote ssh interpreter. I use PyCharm 2020.1 for Windows and would like to run the code on a linux cluster. I was able to set up the ssh connection and the deploy configuration. It correctly synchronizes my folder to the cluster. I can also go to the file explorer and chose the remote interpreter from the remote file system. But when I want to set up the ssh interpreter located in a virtual python environment at (ssh_root)/venv/bin/python, I get the following error message:

env: ‘/venv/bin/python’: No such file or directory

Process finished with exit code 127

It seems to me, that this could be an encoding problem. But unfortunately, in the ssh remote interpreter window, there is no "Advanced" option that let's me chose the encoding of the ssh console. Any help would be very much appreciated since I would like to use this awsome feature.

I also already included this in a ticket on youtrack:


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Hey everyone,

I have exactly the same problem. I downloaded Pycharm today (Version 2020.2.2) on Windows 10 and I am trying to access a remote interpreter installed on an Ubuntu 18.04.5 system.

env: ‘/miniconda3/envs/new_env/bin/python’: No such file or directory

Process finished with exit code 127

I can access the tree to choose my python interpreter but get the same error message as mentioned above.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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