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Hi I recently bought a subscription for the professional version and I have a number of points I would like to raise:

1) On the 'scientific mode' 

When I plot an image on the 'Sci-view' there is no easily accessible way to save the image to file. On a right click it gives an option to 'set background image' but no way to simply save the file. This seems ridiculous. 

2) Project's working directory

When creating a new script within a file, and then running said script the working directory reverts back to the current folder as opposed to the project root. It is frustrating to have to change the working directory back every time I create a new file. There should be some way to fix the working directory to the project root for all new files within the project. 

3) REPL communication 

Whatever the above means, it often lags my machine and requires a restarting of the console at best, at times it even requires restarting the entire project. 


I really didn't expect to have such issues with a paid version of open source software. 








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1. There is an option, if you right click on small plot on the right side "Save as file"

2. Could you please attach a screenshot example? Where exactly the file was created? 

3. Please make sure you are running 2020.2.2 as this should be resolved there. 


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