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Hi, I am using #RM-202.7319.53, built on September 15, 2020, docker composer and minitest at my project and unfortunately, I am not able to run single test via RubyMine.

When I try to run single test, It generates configuration which contains at Test Filename Filter field for example `^test_the_validity_email_needs_to_be_unique$`. It also generates docker compose file which contains in this case:

"/usr/src/app/bin/bundle exec /usr/local/bin/ruby -Itest /opt/.rubymine_helpers/rb/testing/runner/minitest_runner.rb\
\ /usr/src/app/test/models/user_test.rb --name /^test_the_validity_email_needs_to_be_unique$/"

This unfortunately leads to error when run:`ERROR: Invalid interpolation format for "command" option in service "web"`. My personal opinion is that $ which is part of docker command and is automatically generated by RubyMine is making it impossible to run.

I would like to get rid of regex for cases when only one specific test is run so instead of `--name /^test_the_validity_email_needs_to_be_unique$/"`, It would use just `--name test_the_validity_email_needs_to_be_unique"`. Is this possible with current version of RubyMine?

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that appears to be a known issue so could you please add your vote to it:


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