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When I select expand column list from the asterisk, the results are displayed horizontally. How do I natively display the results vertically? I know you can apply the SQL formatting(CTRL + ALT + L), I would like to know how to set the function to default. 



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This should be configurable in the code style options:

  • Editor > Code Style > SQL

Under the dialect that you want to change (or General, for those that just copy the General settings) go to the Queries tab and fiddle with the SELECT Clause options:

If you always want the columns to be listed vertically, you'll want the Wrap Elements option to be Chop. Otherwise, you can change it to Chop If Long which will only chop them once they get wide enough, or you can configure Keep Elemenet On One Line If <= to be the minimal number of columns needed to place them vertically


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