Python interpreter crashes after plotting a couple of matplotlib.pyplot figures in iPython console


When plotting figures using matplotlib.pyplot.plot() via the ipython console, everything works fine for the first 2-3 or more figures, but eventually it'll crash. The same happens when using the interactive debugger console. I haven't been able to identify what exactly causes it to crash. It is the figures that seem to crash, I'm still able to use the console and to close the figures using plt.close().

As a side note, I installed the patch mentioned here to resolve another issue with matplotlib windows. I needed this patch as figures would always sit on top of all other windows making programming incredibly cumbersome. I already had the crashing problem before installing this patch though.

I don't know how relevant this patch is to my issue, but I thought I'd mention it.


macOS HighSierra 10.13.6

Python Version 3.8.2

Pycharm Version 2019.3.5

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Does it depend on which plots you're building? Can you reproduce the issue with minimal very simple plots?

Could you provide code snippets to reproduce the issue?


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