Customizing File Search


Hi there, I had a couple questions about customizing file search (i.e. the default action for Cmd+Shift+O). I've looked for easy answers but haven't been able to figure out if these are possible:

  • Is there a way to configure a key binding to go directly to a custom FileSearchEverywhereContributor/AbstractGotoSEContributor tab, similar to how Cmd+Shift+O goes to file search?
  • Alternate to the above, is there a way to configure a different custom FileSearchEverywhereContributor/AbstractGotoSEContributor to be the default file search contributor, while still keeping the default contributor in a tab?


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(1) see com.intellij.ide.actions.GotoSymbolAction that invokes provider with specific ID

(2) no, but ordering of tabs can be applied via com.intellij.ide.actions.searcheverywhere.SearchEverywhereContributor#getSortWeight


What exactly do you want to customize and why?

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Thanks, I extended `GotoSymbolAction` and am just calling `showInSearchEverywherePopup` -- this has allowed me to expose the action from our plugin file so people can create keybindings for it. The context here is that we have a different filesearch backend that we are exploring using as a new default at our company, but are first trying to collect feedback on it. Thanks again!


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