Alt+home , feature removed from IntelliJ?


Above feature made it possible to execute following (with durations)

alt+home - alt-insert (1 seconds):  insert new file to system

alt+home - shift-alt-R (1 sec) :  refactor file name

alt+home - down key (1 sec):  navigate to sibling file

Were these really removed from latest IntelliJ or am I missing something? 







I am running the latest IDEA 2012.2.2 RC and the shortcut works just fine.

Please remember to give details about both your IDEA version and your operating system and version.

Most likely the OS itself or some other application grabs the shortcut before it even reaches IDEA.


2020.2.1 community edition.  The shortcuts do work and IntelliJ receives keystrokes, but apparently focus shifts in between and secondary shortcut is received by the editor instead, so above mentioned use cases are not possible. But I will update to RC, thanks


Works for me too in 2020.2.2.

You can try to disable all downloaded plugins in 2020.2.1 and restart the IDE to see if any of them are affecting this behavior.


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