Recurring issues with FTP

Okay, disclaimer, I don't think this is an issue specifically with PhpStorm, but I do use is daily and I do have some questions.

So, I generally access servers via SSH, very rarely do I use FTP connections anymore (because they're slow and clunky).
However, I do have a few clients that are on shared hosting, and use cPanel, etc., (the first-steps).  Not all of them I have issues with, but there have been quite a lot recently.

I've also encountered these issues with FileZilla.

Some of the times it is the connection type (Passive/Active), some times I have to limit the number of connections.
But I seem to have plenty of disconnects and it makes transferring any files a nightmare.

So I've got a few (general) questions:

  1. Why are there so many FTP connections?
  2. Should I be using active or passive?
  3. How often should I send a "keep alive"?
  4. Could my ISP be playing a role (maybe limiting/blocking ports)?

And some specific to PhpStorm:

  1. What's the deal with the hang on "refreshing server files"?
  2. Why are files being "collected" before downloading?

These last two questions do hold up the queue.

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What is about specific to PhpStorm, it is hard to say why it is hanging without checking the extended logs first. To increase the deployment actions logging level, please add the following lines to the "Help > Diagnostic Tools > Debug Log Settings" section:

Then, logs may be obtained via the "Help > Collect Logs" menu option. It is always a better option to contact the support team when you have log files on hands.

As for the "collection" phase, unfortunately, it is something inevitable, please read the discussion under this hot ticket:



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