New network GIT server - how do push project to server

I'm running PyCharm Pro 2020.2 on an Ubuntu workstation.  Our system admin built a GIT server for us to use for our code.  I can SSH to the server and have set up my SSH key to access as well.  I've been writing a Python project on my system and would like to push that to the server.  Looking through all the documentation online, I'm still confused on what I need to do to tell my PyCharm configuration to use this server and what folder on the server the project will be located.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!!!

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By pushing the project to the server, you mean pushing it to the git repository on the server? 

If so, first you need to make sure you can work with repository from the command line using git tool (which PyCharm uses internally as well). E.g. in most cases you should be able to `git remote add origin <repo_url>`, then `git push -u origin master`.

If you haven't worked with git before, please refer to git documentation.

As soon as it's working from command line, you can add VCS root in PyCharm and it should be working there as well.

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Yes, sorry, that's what I meant - pushing to a git repository on a local server.  I did create an empty repo on the local server and did the steps as you noted.  And I now have the ability to push/pull from that repository.

Thank you for the information!!!


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