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Hi all,

I've been working a small plugin but things broken the sandbox. The plugin is no longer listed in the Plugins list BUT the <applicationConfigurable/> item does appear on the other hand. The builderservice provided the plugin is broken as well. I must say the problems started after the Gradle plugin ran the sandbox with 2020.3-EAP.  I did set intellij { version="2020.1" } in the build.gradle.kts but no change. I deleted the .idea folder of the project but no change.

Now I wonder whether the plugin is getting packaged correctly. I can't find the change I might have made in the Gradle build that might cause this. I noticed that the plugin with dependencies ,call it 'sample', is not packaged as described in the docs ( ). Instead of packaging the plugin as sample.jar in /lib it gets included as sample-my.version.jar.  Situtation is the one sketched below Does thiis change in jar name matter for the detection of the plugin? All jars in the /lib folder are on the classpath according to the docs  It does not quite explain the plugin working partially, or does it?

Ideas very welcome, stuck on this for a while now :(




    └── sample
        └── lib
            ├── lib_foo.jar
            ├── lib_bar.jar
            │   ...
            │   ...
            └── sample-my.version.jar
                ├── com/foo/...
                │   ...
                │   ...
                └── META-INF
                    ├── plugin.xml
                    ├── pluginIcon.svg
                    └── pluginIcon_dark.svg
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Please ignore this question - the error was between my keyboard and my chair  :(  Plugin gets loaded just fine - default focus in the Plugins panel was on the Marketplace, not the Installed plugin - embarrassing :(




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