is intellij window a JFrame?


As much as i got to know intellij idea is written in java with swing with using no additional third party ui frameworks. Then is the intellijj window a JFrame or a inbuilt window of java ? 


The main IDE window is IdeFrameImpl. Inside the window, all components are pure Swing components with some exceptions. For example, some plugins still use JavaFX (it's deprecated now). And starting 2020.2 we use JCEF which is basically a Chromium component inside the IDE. 

Also, we sometimes adjust Java heavyweight components like Windows or Frames to look differently. Take a look, for example, at frame decoration here. It's made with the help of JetBrains Runtime (JBR) - our own Java Virtual Machine based on OpenJDK. 

So, some UI features will not work out of the box on JVM from other vendors.

Most of the dialogs  are based on DialogWrapper class. See com.intellij.openapi.ui.impl.DialogWrapperPeerImpl.MyDialog 


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