How to setup updates on custom IDE built on intellij platform?



I'm in the process of building an IDE based on the intellij platform and I'm trying to allow users to update from within the IDE. I understand I have to setup an updates.xml on a website and put the url in the application info xml, which I've done. The part I dont understand is the patches. There is an attribute in application info xml called


This link returns access denied for me and I dont understand what should be here. So in conclusion, my question is, what do I put at the patches url?

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patches property is used in the UpdateInstaller class as a target URL that stores jar files with patches. The patch URL may look like:${product}-${from}-${to}-patch${jdk}-${PatchInfo.OS_SUFFIX}.jar

You may be interested in checking the following releases and patches listing:


Thank you, that makes sense. My question now is, how are these patches generated? Do I have to create them somehow and upload them to the specified patch url or is there a system within intellij to do this?


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